Will LCEC terminate the franchise agreement?

Q: I’ve read the letter from Dennie Hamilton in The News-Press where he states that LCEC will terminate the terms of the expired franchise agreement with the City of Cape Coral. Is he willing to continue negotiations or is the termination date a done deal? – Joe G., Cape Coral

A: Thank you, Joe. A franchise agreement simply allows LCEC to use public rights of way for equipment like poles and wires for a fee, and our agreement with the City expired on October 1, 2016. Even if the agreement is terminated on May 15, 2017, LCEC will continue to provide safe and reliable electric service at the lowest cost possible. LCEC would like to come to an agreement sooner rather than later. However, continuing negotiations while at the same time addressing legal claims filed by the City of Cape Coral is not in the best interest of members like you. Negotiations cost money because it requires additional resources and consultants. And don’t forget City taxpayers are also paying for the cost of whatever resources the City is using. It is important to focus on the legal claims first since they could impact terms of the next agreement.

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