Why not share the information the City of Cape Coral wants?

Q. Why doesn’t LCEC just share the information the City of Cape Coral is asking for? Wouldn’t that just prove that the City’s criticism of LCEC is wrong?
Tom H., Cape Coral

A. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Tom. We wish it were that easy.

The truth is that the information the City of Cape Coral is requesting, the cost of service to only Cape Coral, doesn’t exist. Utilities do not keep cost by geography because our systems are designed to serve entire regions. Our substations serve areas that cross municipal boundaries, and our system of poles and wires do the same.

city of cape coral costsThe information the City is requesting would be time consuming, and very costly, to calculate. It would be like trying to determine the cost of one person living in a household of a family of five.

Sure, you could take all expenses and divide them by five but that would only be an estimate rather than a precise calculation. How would you actually determine how much it costs for one person to use the kitchen or the bathroom or the outdoor living area? Or how much water or electricity was actually used by that one person?

Can you imagine all the work it would take to measure the cost of that one person for the groceries alone? Each bag of chips would need to be measured and calculated to determine how much one serving costs and how many servings that one person consumed.

The same would apply if LCEC were to break cost of the business out by geography. The time, resources, and cost to undertake such an exercise would be extremely costly and these costs would be passed along to rate payers. Our goal is to keep electrics rates as low as possible for all LCEC members.

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