Q) How do LCEC rates compare with other utilities in Florida?
A) LCEC is proud that our rates are among the lowest in the state. In fact, our typical residential bills are lower than the average charged by Florida’s electric cooperatives, investor-owned, and municipal utilities. We have not raised rates in ten years and have decreased rates five times in the last four years.

Q) LCEC often mentions that it hasn’t raised rates in ten years. What has the rate history been during that time?
A) LCEC is proud to say that we have worked hard to improve processes, utilize technology, and work efficiently. We will continue to find ways to maintain or reduce our rates just as we have for the past ten years.

Q) What is the average electric rate per 1,000 kWh for investor owned utilities in Florida?
A) Electric rates rise and fall often throughout the year. As of May 2018, the average rate for investor owned utilities is $125.13. LCEC’s average rate is currently $102.50.

Q) What is the average electric rate per 1,000 kWh for municipal electric utilities in Florida?
A) Rates also vary for municipal electric utilities. According to the latest report from the Florida Municipal Electric Association (May 2018) the municipal average is $114.65.

LCEC Electric Rates Over the Years

  • Year Residential Rate (per 1,000 kWh)
    2009 $114.16
    2010 $114.16
    2011 $114.16
    2012 $114.16
    2013 $114.16
    2014 $112.85
    2015 (January) $110.80
    2015 (July) $108.45
    2016 (January) $106.55
    2016 (July) $102.50
    2017 $102.50
    2018 $102.50