Franchise Agreement

Q) Why does LCEC believe a franchise agreement with the City of Cape Coral is the best option?
A) LCEC has managed the electric system for more than 75 years. The system is strong and reliable, and rates are among the lowest in Florida. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, LCEC has no profit motive and is committed to providing the most reliable service possible at the lowest achievable rate. We believe continued service is in the best interest of all customers.

Q) What franchise agreement negotiations have taken place?
A) Several meetings have taken place between the professional negotiator hired by the City in June 2016 and LCEC’s CEO. Discussions have been related to potential items that could be included in a new franchise agreement. LCEC provided a framework franchise agreement to the City in March 2015, asking the City to use this framework to suggest specific agreement terms for negotiation. A response to the framework agreement was provided by the City in March 2016 and the current discussions related to negotiations began a few months later.

Q) Are franchise negotiations taking place now?
A) No. The City of Cape Coral has re-instated its complaint at the Florida Public Service Commission even though LCEC has been very clear that we will not negotiate a franchise agreement and defend ourselves at the same time. This not only is a waste of time and financial resources; the complaint includes issues that the City has expressed a desire to negotiate as part of a franchise agreement.

Q) Does LCEC have other franchise agreements in place at this time?
A) Yes. LCEC has franchise agreements with Everglades City, City of Sanibel, City of Marco Island, and Lee County.

Q) What happens to my electric service when the franchise agreement is terminated in May 2017?
A) The termination of the franchise agreement will have no impact on your electric service. LCEC will proudly continue to provide you the most reliable electric service at the lowest cost possible as it has to its members for the past 75 years.

Cape Coral Franchise Agreement

Take a look at the current Cape Coral Franchise Agreement that has been in effect since October 1986.

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