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Reliable power you can count on around the clock

eliable power electirc poleProviding reliable power is a full-time job. At LCEC, there are many factors to consider and advanced planning is critical to ensure customer needs are met.

While we can’t forecast what the weather will bring, or how quickly growth will require additionally facilities, we can proactively prepare using experience and technology to plan.

Continual modeling and predictive analysis help to determine when and where capacity is needed. Proactive maintenance and inspections allow LCEC to repair or replace before an issue occurs.

Strong disaster and emergency preparation assure resources, vendors, and materials are available when needed. Past and present performance shows we are a leader in the industry, while we continue to listen to LCEC customers to offer the best experience possible.

Four of the LCEC all-time best service reliability records have occurred in the past five years, and this year is shaping up very nicely also. While storm season has not yet produced any major storms, vehicle accidents and an unusually active tornado season during the first part of the year impacted the system enough that year-to-date reliability targets have been out of reach for much of the year.

However, aside from January, most monthly goals have been right on target or better for reliable power. This was due in part to a disciplined maintenance program and timely response to outages. Design improvements, targeted vegetation management, and use of technology are aimed at trouble areas to reduce outages even further for reliable power.

Our mission is to deliver reliable electricity and our vision is to energize our communities to help ensure they thrive for years to come. Everything we do is aligned with that mission. As we reach our goals we raise the bar and work hard to improve the service that we provide to our customer/members.

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