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No rate increase in 2017!!

no rate increase light bulb(Jan. 28, 2017) — With rates among the lowest in Florida and electricity customers rely upon, LCEC has a lot to live up to. Once again, we are happy to announce there will be no rate increase in 2017.

Employees continue to streamline processes, explore new technology, and perform ongoing maintenance and analysis on the system while responding to customer needs and delivering reliable power. It’s what the cooperative has been focused on since 1940, and LCEC is proud to have been able to do it without increasing electricity rates in Florida over the past eight years!

LCEC Member Benefits

In addition to our promise of no rate increase, LCEC also reminds members of other benefits that have been part of the fabric of our nonprofit since its inception, including:

  • SERVICE – LCEC strives to provide quality service at every point of contact for even stronger cooperative membership benefits. The LCEC Customer Care Center is a Center of Excellence for four years, and we measure performance and work to improve even more every year.
  • RELIABILITY – We continue to raise the bar on reducing the amount of time LCEC members were without power. Great performance over the past several years is the result of strategic planning, consistent maintenance and vegetation management. Additionally, quick response and smart technology have been beneficial when restoration is needed.
  • COMMUNITY – LCEC employees volunteer thousands of hours to support community agencies, events, program and other worthy causes. In addition, they contribute financially, along with corporate donations, to meet the needs throughout our five-county service territory in Florida.
  • Delivering Reliable Power
    LCEC is an electric cooperative that is not in the business of making profit for investors, or earning revenue for the general fund. Our mission continues to focus on delivering reliable power and quality service at a competitive price. With no rate increase in 2017, our rates are among the lowest in Florida. Rest assured we continue to watch the bottom line and find better ways to do things when we can.

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