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light-fixturesPlan, analyze, work hard, repeat 

(June 9, 2016) — Customers expect a high level of service from their electric provider. When you flip the switch the light should come on.

At LCEC, sophisticated distribution reliability analytic tools are utilized to help build, maintain and operate the complex electric system.

Efforts are paying off too. LCEC customers have experienced substantial improved reliability over the years. When an outage does occur, response is fast and we are always looking for areas that can be improved upon.

LCEC Electric Service at Lowest Possible Cost

Although it is difficult to predict the impact or need related to infrastructure, planning models provide options for what customers need — before they need it. Armed with information, LCEC has been able to consistently deliver electricity at the lowest cost possible and address the growing demands on the electric system.

You better believe it is quite a balancing act. Demands change from minute to minute based on weather, environmental forces such as vegetation, evolving usage patterns, and increasing adaptation of renewable energy. Having the tools and data to analyze and address these changes helps LCEC planners allocate resources and funds where they are needed most.

electricity-grid-sunsetYou don’t often hear about economic progress or community growth being halted because the electric infrastructure wasn’t available and ready when needed.

For seven years, your electric rates have NOT increased to pay for operation and maintenance of the system. This is partially due to planning, analytics and a lot of old-fashioned hard work.

A team of committed, knowledgeable employees can also be credited with improved service performance over the years. Dedication to providing service all day, every day, is a way of life for LCEC workers who also understand the importance of utility training and safe work practices.



Where Does LCEC Get Funds to Operate?

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