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LCEC member service first priority

lcec member serviceAs a not-for-profit electric cooperative, LCEC delivers energy to customers at the cost of service, which is just one part of our long-held belief of LCEC member service first philosophy.

This business model is different from investor-owned utilities that typically share profits with investors globally, or municipal utilities that use revenues to fund other projects and programs. For 77 years LCEC has been in business only to serve members. It’s the cooperative way.

LCEC Member Service Focus

Service is at the core of the business because it is the reason LCEC exists… to serve our members above any beyond any notion of making a profit. That’s just not who we are. Instead, think quality service, which is outlined in the LCEC mission, vision, values and key performance indicators.

Measuring Up
One way to gauge or measure the customer experience is simply to ask a number of them every day about their interaction with LCEC: by ways of general surveys, customer post-call surveys and contact surveys. Which gives us the LCEC Customer Experience Index that measures key performance indicators based on customer feedback.

In addition, quarterly JD Power Customer Opinion surveys provide us with industry benchmarks and identify opportunities where we can improve, as well as areas that we clearly excel at.

JD Power results
Customers are asked a series of questions that relate to billing & payment, price, corporate citizenship, electric power quality and performance, customer service and communications. Members’ responses are then weighted and compiled to form an index that generates an overall customer satisfaction index. Customers may also choose to provide comments about what LCEC does well and what the utility can do to improve satisfaction.

Rest assured we continue to listen to the customer voice, and keep our focus on LCEC member service as our top priority year round.

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