LCEC: Listening to the customer voice

LCEC strives to offer customers the best experience possible. It is one of the qualities that differentiate the not-for-profit electric distribution cooperative. Service is at the core of the business because it is the reason LCEC exists… to serve members, not to make a profit. Quality service can be found in the LCEC mission, vision, values and key performance indicators.

How do we measure up?
jd-power-logoThe LCEC Customer Experience Index measures key performance based on customer feedback. In order to gauge the customer experience customers are asked daily about their interaction with LCEC: customer post-call surveys, general surveys, and contact surveys.

In addition, quarterly JD Power Customer Opinion surveys provide us with industry benchmarks and identify areas for improvement opportunity as well as areas we are excelling.

Recent JD Power results
The most recent overall scores for the JD Power Customer Opinion survey indicate LCEC improved 56 points over the last quarter with a score of 708. The JD Power survey is conducted online and based on a 1,000 point scale. Customers are asked a series of questions related to price, power quality & performance, billing & payment, corporate citizenship, communications, and customer service. Responses are weighted and compiled into an index to generate an overall customer satisfaction index. Customers also have the opportunity to provide comments about what LCEC does well and what we can do to improve satisfaction.

Center of Excellence
The LCEC customer contact center was certified as a Center of Excellence for the third year in a row. Only five utilities in the nation have earned certification, and LCEC is the only cooperative to do so. Companies must undergo a rigorous benchmarking process which compares the organization’s operational metrics to those of its peers using the world’s largest database of contact center metrics hosted by Benchmark Portal. Only the top 10 percent of those benchmarked annually achieve this distinction.

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