LCEC keeps rates competitive and affordable

lcec-keeps-rates-competitive-electric-wires(July 19, 2016) — When LCEC was established as an electric distribution cooperative in 1940, energy wasn’t as critical as it is in the 21st century. Back then, electricity was considered a luxury. Today, LCEC keeps rates competitive because nearly everything we do in our everyday lives depends on reliable electricity.

Although the cost of living continues to increase, LCEC employees are working hard to keep operating cost down so that electric rates don’t go up. In fact, since 2013, LCEC has decreased electric rates nearly 9 percent.

Today, LCEC customers pay just over 10 cents a kWh, which is below the national average and nearly the same price as the national average was 76 years ago!

While the cost of living increases, LCEC keeps rates competitive:

Average Cost in United States:

1940 2015
Gallon of milk $.50 $3.38
Domestic first-class letter rate $.03 $.49
Gallon of auto gasoline $.20 $2.28
Ticket to a movie $.25 $10
Electricity – cost per kWh $.10 $.13
LCEC cost per kWh < $0.10

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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