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LCEC improving every day

LCEC improving every day to benefit our members means working continually to ensure reliable electricity is there when our customers need it. Reliability metrics improve every year, but for us, that’s not enough. We are committed to finding ways to be even better.

For example, we are constantly improving business processes, and inspecting facilities including poles, wires and other equipment related to the electric grid.

Modern Technology at Work
 technology lcec improvingTechnology is utilized to identify potential issues early so an outage can proactively be prevented. When an outage occurs, modern technology and automation is used to quickly reroute power around the issue so the trouble is contained.

Crews and support teams use sophisticated communication and mobile computing to locate the cause of the problem and get power restored quickly.

In fact, our sophisticated distribution reliability analytic tools are remarkably successfully in helping to build, maintain and operate the complex electric system.

These efforts continue to pay off for LCEC members. Our customers have experienced substantial improved reliability over the years. And when there is a power outage, rest assured our response is quick. Also keep in mind we are always looking for areas that can be improved upon.

LCEC Improving Electric Service at Lowest Cost Possible

Although it is not an exact science in predicting the impact or need related to infrastructure, the planning models we use do provide options for what customers need — before they need it. Armed with information, LCEC has proven itself as an electric utility that consistently delivers electricity at the lowest cost possible, as we continue to address the growing demands on the electric system throughout our service territories in Southwest Florida.

Keeping Up With Constant Change
It is also important to note that demands change frequently, often from minute to minute, because of weather issues for example, or environmental forces such evolving usage patterns, vegetation in the electric grid areas, and the adaptation of renewable energy. Having the data and tools to analyze and address changes such as these helps LCEC planners to allocate the resources and funds where and when they are needed most.

Feel free to contact us at our LCEC headquarters in North Fort Myers at 239-656-2300. Or ask a question now.

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