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LCEC board members are customers too


LCEC Board Member Dr. Darlene Andert represents District 2, Seat 2, Cape Coral

(Sept. 23, 2016) — LCEC is committed to conducting business with a high level of integrity and in an ethical and responsible manner. Board members are customers elected by customers.

They demonstrate authenticity and values in their professional and personal lives, and contribute to the organization’s diversity in terms of background and business experience. LCEC board members take great responsibility in setting policy and procedures, and maintaining financial strength while supporting employees who run the day to day operations of the utility.

LCEC board members represent all walks of life

The 10-member board represents all walks of life, and resides in communities and neighborhoods throughout the LCEC service territory. Since 1940, LCEC employees, guided by the board of trustees, have worked hard to balance financial responsibility with the goal of improving the lives of those whom they serve by delivering reliable electricity at competitive rates.

3-Year Terms
  • Board members are elected by the entire membership to represent the geographical area in which they reside.
  • Three-year terms are staggered in order to provide continuity on the board.
  • A nominating committee consisting of customer/members selected from different LCEC geographical areas evaluates all applicants and makes candidate recommendations.
  • No Board member serves on the Committee.
  • The Committee considers business experience; ability to interpret operating and financial reports; community leadership and sensitivity to LCEC member concerns and attitudes; integrity and lack of potential conflict of interest or appearances of conflict; ability to significantly contribute to Board discussions and decisions; ability to work well with other Trustees and staff; and special talents and skills useful in overseeing a multi-million dollar electric company.
Top 10 Characteristics of LCEC Board Members

The following characteristics of qualified LCEC Board of Trustees candidates include but are not limited to:

  1. Ability to represent the total membership on an impartial and equitable basis
  2. Capability of overseeing policies governing investment of LCEC funds
  3. Desire to keep LCEC rates competitive, service reliable and budgets reasonable
  4. Knowledge to help protect LCEC assets and ensure compliance with lending institutions and governmental requirements
  5. Effective analytical, problem solving and logic skills
  6. Independent thinking and strong business training
  7. Capacity to work as a strong cohesive team member
  8. Integrity and earned respect from business and community members
  9. Awareness of key local issues
  10. Willingness to remain informed about LCEC by studying data and other pertinent information

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