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High ratings and still striving to improve

Customer surveys show that our customers are pleased with the service we provide. LCEC consistently scores high ratings on daily, weekly and monthly surveys and J.D. Power quarterly surveys. But that’s not enough for us. At LCEC, we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our business – whether it is reliability, customer service, technology, safety or financial performance.

Our focus on delivering the power that energizes our community began in 1940 when the cooperative was established and has become the foundation of everything we do. Our commitment to our core values, unwavering ethical business practices and generous community support is part of our rich history and it is the basis for how we conduct our business every day.

High Ratings But Continual Improvement

We are good at it…but in our minds, there is always room for improvement. Continual process improvement and a close eye on the bottom line ensure that we are keeping customers’ best interest on the forefront.

service-high-ratingsWe are pleased with the progress we have made in managing costs, promoting conservation of Florida’s priceless resources, and expanding our service options.

LCEC remains committed to pursuing new initiatives that improve our business and our communities while maintaining our tradition of providing efficient, reliable, cost-competitive electric and emerging energy solutions and excellent service. This has been our focus for more than 75 years and we won’t stop now!

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