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Electricity: How do LCEC electric rates compare?

(Sept. 7, 2016) Electricity — you can’t live without it. OK, maybe you can, but who wants to? We have come to enjoy the quality of life that electricity makes possible. At what cost? LCEC works hard to strike a balance between reliable electricity and competitive rates. We have been on a mission to offer rates that are among the five lowest in Florida and according to the latest rate comparisons (July 2016), we made it!

electricity pylonEmployees have been managing costs, improving processes and working efficiently for the best in cooperative membership benefits. At the same time, electric system maintenance and operation is very good.

Reducing Electricity Outages

With the exception of outages as a result of the tornadoes that ripped through Cape Coral in January, LCEC is right on target for reducing the number of minutes customers are without electricity. Service continues to be exceptional also, and LCEC is proud to have been one of the few electric utilities to be recognized and certified for contact center excellence.

As a cooperative, LCEC is not in business to make a profit for investors, or earn revenue for the general fund. Our mission is to deliver reliable power and quality service at a competitive price. Yep, our rates are among the lowest five in the state but we won’t stop there.

electricity dollar billsA pretty penny goes far when it comes to Southwest Florida’s and Cape Coral electricity rates. But we intend to continue to watch the bottom line and find better ways to do things when we can.

We will continue to offer new tools to help our customers manage their energy usage. And we are committed to giving back to our community by volunteerism, economic development and leadership.


Electricity Rates

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