Cooperative membership benefits

light-bulb-cooperative-membership-benefitsLCEC is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, a business that revolves around delivering electricity and a focus on serving customers’ interests in the most cost-effective manner. That’s just the start of electric cooperative membership benefits.

LCEC revenues in excess of expenses are used for long-term financing. Patronage capital credits are allocated annually and can be returned in the form of equity when financially possible.

There are many benefits to cooperative membership. Following are just a few:

    RATES LCEC has reduced rates five times in the past three years and has not had a rate increase in seven years. Rates are the lowest among Florida cooperatives and one of the five lowest of all Florida electric utilities, and we continually work toward remaining competitive.

    RELIABILITY – LCEC continues to raise the bar toward reducing the amount of time customers were without power. Great performance over the past few years is the result of consistent maintenance, vegetation management, and strategic planning. In addition, quick response and smart technology have been beneficial when restoration is needed.

    SERVICE – LCEC strives to provide quality service at every point of contact for even stronger cooperative membership benefits. The LCEC Customer Care Center has been certified as a Center of Excellence for three years, and we measure performance and work to improve even more each year.

    COMMUNITY – LCEC employees volunteer thousands of hours to support community agencies, programs, events and causes. In addition, they contribute funds, along with corporate donations, to meet the needs in all parts of our five-county service territory.

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