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Community pedal power

While the main focus for LCEC is delivering reliable electricity and quality service at the most reasonably possible price, the electric cooperative also has the power to be community minded — and supporting community pedal power initiatives.

As an electric cooperative, energizing the community has a much broader meaning. Members of the governing body, the LCEC Board of Trustees, belong to the communities served by LCEC. Employees and customers alike live, work and play throughout the service territory. That is why it is important to give back by supporting economic development, growth, education, and wellness initiatives.

community pedal power bicyclistIn 2012, LCEC was one of the first businesses to join in to support the 90 miles of interconnected bicycle and pedestrian routes in Cape Coral by sponsoring an Adopt-A-Route sign.

The Cape Coral Bike-Ped volunteer organization’s mission was to develop a system of interconnecting bike and pedestrian routes throughout Cape Coral for everyone to enjoy. The goal was to enhance Cape Coral as a premier cycling destination which would have a positive monetary impact on the area.

In addition, the Bike-Ped project improves the quality of life for residents. Realizing the project could not have become a reality without support from the City of Cape Coral and local businesses, LCEC stepped up.

LCEC has also been a long-time supporter of the Tour de Cape which is a community pedal power three-day event with varied bicycle courses for different ages and skill levels, a 5K run, and mini tours for the whole family. It has grown to become a favorite annual event for cyclists across the country.

This is just one of the many examples of how LCEC is community minded and lives up to a founding philosophy of serving members if possible once a need presents itself. The core business is delivering power … and power can be defined in many ways.

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