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Cape Coral City Council withdraws complaint with Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC)

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The Cape Coral City Council recently voted unanimously to withdraw its complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC). LCEC hopes to begin constructive negotiation toward a new franchise agreement soon. With the help of the Council for Progress, the parties have been able to identify broad parameters for future negotiation and areas for potential agreement. This preliminary work will help to kick-start negotiations for a new agreement.

LCEC is confident in our view that the FPSC would have ruled in favor of maintaining the cooperative business model of serving all members equally in terms of rate making. It is not common for a utility in Florida to set rates based on geography and not only does the theory go against cooperative principles but also against generally accepted utility standards.

In the coming weeks, LCEC will meet with City officials to begin negotiations. LCEC has successfully negotiated franchise agreements with Everglades City, Sanibel, Marco Island, and Lee County in addition to the agreement established with Cape Coral more than 30 years ago.

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