An agreement could be in sight

HandshakeThe City of Cape Coral Mayor, Joe Coviello, City Councilmembers, and leaders from the Council for Progress should be commended for their willingness to work with LCEC to explore options for a renewed franchise agreement. Cape Coral elected officials voted unanimously at the most recent special city council meeting in support of the Mayor meeting with LCEC CEO, Dennie Hamilton to solidify a potential solution that serves the best interests of all City residents. City staff and the City’s outside legal counsel, which has been involved since discussions began, were not in support of reviewing the latest terms and continued to voice opinions about a buy-out or take-over of the electric system. LCEC has always been open to negotiating an equitable agreement with the City even after efforts fell short multiple times over the past three years and remains optimistic about upcoming discussions with the Mayor.

Franchise agreement discussions have not taken place with City leaders since negotiations reached an impasse in September 2017. This recent discussion about agreement terms was led by the Council for Progress, which has never stopped looking for solutions, and by City Councilmembers who seek a mutually beneficial agreement in the best interest of their constituents.

LCEC looks forward to continuing its longstanding partnership with the City of Cape Coral and the members who call it home. A date and time for discussions have not been finalized at this time.

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